What is SEO 3.0?


SEO 3.0 (Smart Search Optimization) includes the best industry practices of SEO 1.0 (Website Search Optimization) and SEO 2.0 (Universal Search Optimization), but extends the scope of Web Presence Optimization work to include The Internet of Things (IoT). SEO 3.0 techniques optimize “ALL” of a company’s digital assets for the significant changes that the Internet of Things revolution is bringing to online marketing.

Voice-activated IoT devices, such as Smartphones or Amazon’s Alexa Smart Speakers (Home, Office, Car, etc.) are on the rise. Currently, the global number of IoT devices is around 7 billion excluding smartphones and tablets. Due to the increasing availability of wireless connections and decreasing hardware cost, the IoT adaptation rate is only going to increase.

Search engines powering these devices will continue to focus more and more on content optimized for voice-based search (i.e. personalization, conversational queries, etc.). SEO 3.0 represents a shifting from keyword-based SEO content to intention-based writing.

Though voice search is a popular tool for finding directions, recipes and weather reports, it also represents an increasingly relevant part of e-commerce sales.

As more people invest in digital assistants others grow comfortable with voice search on their phones, the significance of optimizing websites for e-commerce speech queries grows even more significant.

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