What’s an Amazon Alexa
Marketing Channel?

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Are you ready to market through 100 million Amazon Alexa devices?

“If I were going to start a business today, I’d build it around Alexa and Google Home.”
—Mark Cuban, Billionaire, Dalla Mavericks Owner, and Shark Tank Panel Member

Affordable — No Technical Skills to Learn — No Contracts

“What’s an Alexa Flash Briefing Channel?”


The Amazon Echo and Dot are voice-activated devices that can perform an array of tasks from simple voice commands. Having a Flash Briefing Channel set up for your business for an Amazon Alexa device allows you to deliver prerecorded audio content to customers and prospects on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis.


After customers and prospects enable your Flash Briefing skill in their Alexa app, they then simply say to their Amazon Alexa device, “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing” or “Alexa, what’s my news?” to listen to your channel content. Each Flash Briefing can be up to 10 minutes (1-2 minutes is optimal) long. You can create a Flash Briefing Channel to offer tips, industry news, inspirational quotes, professional insights, and much more — with call-to-action links to your website or landing page.




Have Us Set up an Alexa Flash Briefing Channel for Your Business

Amazon Alexa

1. Dominate With Voice Search Engine Optimization (VSEO).

Your Alexa Flash Briefing Channels will improve your company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Presence! Alexa Flash Briefing Channels offer highly valued backlinks to your website. Also, properly VSEOed channels are ranking on Google’s first pages all by themselves.

To avoid falling behind and to grow your business, you need a strategic presence on the platforms that your customers are using today and more importantly, will be using tomorrow. Being reactive means being too slow.

For businesses, particularly local businesses, it’s getting more and more vital to reach the top in Voice Search Engine Optimization (VSEO). People are starting to use these smart speakers to search for anything and everything. If someone is searching for a pizza restaurant in your area and you sell pizzas, you want to be the one Alexa or Google Home picks. A smart speaker comes back with only the top pick. It’s not like a Google Search Engine Results page, where if you are on the page on you have a chance of being clicked on.

Greet the future with a knowing smile while your competitors are scrambling to catch up.


Amazon Alexa

2. Take Advantage of This Huge Prospect Market With Little Competition.

100 Million Smart Speakers in U.S. Households by 2020.

That is not a typo. The research firm Gartner predicts that by the year 2020, 75% of all U.S. households, which equates to about roughly 100 million, will have a “smart speaker” such as Alexa or Google Home.

If this doesn’t convince you, consider that over this past holiday season Amazon sold over 10 million Alexa-enabled devices, making it the top-selling product on Amazon.com overall. At this pace, the Gartner estimates may actually be an underestimate of adoption rate.   You can’t deny the unprecedented opportunity it creates for reaching your audience via a new and innovative medium. Act ASAP because in the near future everyone will want to be where you can be today.

Amazon Alexa

3. Be Welcomed Into Your Target Audience’s Homes Every Day.

What would it do for your business if you could speak to your customers and prospects, right in their homes, every day or every week?

Imagine the influence you could have as a personal, familiar voice, speaking to your target audience on a regular basis via Flash Briefings.

If you have the right content to share, Alexa Flash Briefings are too good an opportunity to pass up!

Amazon Alexa

4. Be Respected As An Early Adopter/Innovator/Leader/Influencer.

People Are Changing The Way They Get Their News. Smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology since the smart phone. Voice is where we’re headed. It’s still early days.

While many businesses will see this as a complete waste of time, the ones that do adopt it will be able to interact with consumers in a fresh new medium they are excited about exploring and you could gain access to these users for next to nothing when compared to the costs of other marketing channels which continue to become saturated each and every day.

Even though many Alexa users admit to spending most of their day online consuming media they appreciate these quick, customized summaries which they can listen to while they are doing other maybe more productive things that may not allow them to be in front of a screen or a keyboard. Whether you are in the kitchen preparing a meal or getting ready for work in the morning the convenience and control over the content is very appealing and it is changing the way people get their news.

Thought leaders stay on the cutting edge of new technology, especially technology that will likely change the future of search and customer engagement.

Amazon Alexa

5. Gain and Sustain Your Customer’s and Prospect’s Top-Of-Mind.

Voice is everywhere. Although Voice Assistant Devices are widely known for their ability to enhance life at home it is clear that their reach is extending far outside the home into places like people’s cars and their workplaces.

Alexa Flash Briefings are a great way to stay front of mind, position yourself as an expert in your field, and reach out to your audience in short, daily bursts at times when they normally wouldn’t be looking to consume lengthy content (i.e.: while getting dressed, commuting, having coffee, etc.).

Because they’re short and broadcast regularly, Alexa Flash Briefings make for a great content channel for brands.

Amazon Alexa

6. Increase Your Brand’s Likability.

When you’re making new friends, you need to be likable, right?

You need to be a good listener as well as a good conversationalist and storyteller; you need to be pleasant and cheerful and fun to be around. The same principle holds true when you’re building a larger audience for your brand.

Your company needs to be likable, and you can use Alexa Flash Briefings to facilitate that image.

Amazon Alexa

7. Build Your Customer’s Loyalty With Supportive Content.

An audience that likes your content offerings and finds your brand image appealing will probably keep listening to you.

Eventually, those audience members will become buyers; and once they do, it’s important that you don’t leave them in the lurch, so to speak.

Your content needs to be audience-centric for both newcomers and regular customers. That means including how-to’s, guides, and lists of new or different ways to use the products your customers have already purchased from you.

Those practical bits of user-centered information will not only support your current customers, but may prompt new ones to make their first purchase.

Amazon Alexa

8. Diversify Your Marketing Efforts Inexpensively.

The more channels you use to market your brand and your products, the more people you’re likely to reach.

Some of your customers are probably avid Facebook users; others prefer Twitter or Instagram; still others are dedicated podcast listeners; and the list goes on.

When you add the Flash Briefings option to your marketing channels, you’re creating  diversification in your content strategy. You’re adding more ways for people to connect with your brand on their terms.

As long as you have the time and resources to handle all those channels well, this diversity is a good thing and enables you to reach a broader audience.

Amazon Alexa

9. Repurpose Your Evergreen Content to Increase ROI.

Maybe you have some really exceptional content that was published on your company’s blog months or even years ago.

As long as it’s still relevant and accurate, you can reuse that content for your Alexa Flash Briefings.

Choose pieces of content that enrich your customers’ connection to your business or their understanding of your products.

Since the content already exists, your investment of time and money to create the flash briefing will be minimal, and you’ll get a good return or your original content investment.

Amazon Alexa

10. Gain Additional Exposure for Your New Products and/or Services.

Nobody wants to hear a lengthy sales pitch instead of the bits of interesting news they expected.

So it’s important to fill your Alexa Flash Briefings with interesting facts, cool statistics, and hot news items.

Still, it’s OK to link back to your other digital assets (i.e websites, blogs, videos, etc.) and there’s definitely room for the occasional product or service push. 


Amazon Alexa


Affordable — No Technical Skills to Learn — No Contracts


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