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Positive Web Marketing LLC
Positive Web Marketing LLC

John Scevola is the founder and President of Positive Web Marketing LLC (PWM). PWM has specialized in Search Engine Optimization 2.0 which encompasses the optimization of “all” a company’s digital assets (“Thinking Outside The Website”) for local, national, and international markets.

Over the last 12 years PWM’s expertise has also included the vital skills of proactive Online Reputation Management. Positive Web Marketing LLC has shown hundreds of companies how to develop and monitor a comprehensive, synergistic, “white hat,” inbound marketing strategy. This has involved the development and/or effective Search Engine Optimization of websites (technical SEO fundamentals), content marketing, blogging, articles, whitepapers, PDFs, eBooks, video marketing, podcasts, powerpoints, slideshows, email marketing, newsletters, press releases, advertising (banner and cost-per-copy), and social media marketing. PWM’s diverse international clients have included small, medium, and large companies and organizations, including a 1/2 billion dollar telecommunications company.

Prior to starting his own SEO consultant company John Scevola innovated, developed, and then simultaneously managed Search Engine Optimization Sales, Strategy, Copywriting, Syndication, and Video Production departments (SEO staff of 25 employees) for one of the world’s largest digital marketing companies (350 total employees). Please note—For the last 5 years PWM has consulted on Search Engine Optimization 2.0 by referral only.

John Scevola, President of Positive Web Marketing LLC


“We went through many vendors to try to manage our online reputation. Until we found John. He and his team made an immediate impact on our search results. When I was first introduced to John I was immediately struck by his honesty and integrity. He was one of the first vendors who didn’t guarantee everything would be fixed in a day, but instead explained the process. In his first meeting with my team, he provided them several key tips they had never heard before and actually worked. If you work collaboratively with John and provide him with content and an understanding of your organization, you will not be disappointed. His work was so well received, we used John globally. We saw many immediate impacts but overall, the amount of negative press dropped dramatically. He helped us significantly boost the content and reach of our social media sites. I have recommended John to many organizations. Simply put, he knows what he is doing and knows how to improve online reputations of companies.”
— Sheila Marcello, Vice President Global Marketing at InVue

“John without a doubt is the sharpest mind I’ve ever met in SEO. He can do things and think up new SEO strategies that I would have never thought of. Quite simply, he’s a genius at what he does. I have a high amount of respect for him and I treasure the time I got to learn under him. Plus, he’s a great guy. I wish him the best in the future.”
— Scott Buendia, Internet Marketing Specialist

“John Scevola and his team have helped our company in so many ways! John Scevola is remarkable in his SEO abilities and skill at taking a company from wherever they are presently to a whole new level of “Internet Success.” John knows the ins and outs of the search engines and loves what he does. He is able to optimize web sites, videos, press releases, articles — and get terrific rankings, often overnight. I cannot say enough about this man and his skills in this world of Internet — he is in a league of his own — tremendously talented, bright and capable. We refer clients to John Scevola without hesitation and get many thanks for sharing our secret weapon for online communications!”
— Anne Archer Butcher, Executive Vice President, Dolphin Media Group www.DolphinMediaGroup.com

“John is a born search engine Jedi. Using his proven SEO force, he constantly takes control of the search results. I had the privilege of working directly under John, helping form SEO campaigns that dominated the SERPs. He never stops learning and trying out new things from video optimization to crazy innovative link building strategies. NEVER underestimate him or you will be left confused in the dust.
— Guedo Fanony, Director of Marketing at Pocock Racing Shells

“I am the Principal Broker/Sales Manager for The Sunset Group Realtors, a small, independent real estate company in Beaverton, OR, a suburb of Portland, OR. About three years ago, we updated our website, and then we contacted John Scevola SEO Group to see if they could get us more exposure on the web. They researched various key words and phrases to see how they could help. John Scevola SEO Group helped our web exposure to go from non-existent to thousands of hits per month and #1 on Google and YAHOO! in our marketplace. I highly recommend John Scevola SEO Group as your SEO consultants.”
— Ernie Coufal, Principal Broker/Sales Manager www.TheSunsetGroup.com

“John Scevola is a SEO maven. I was fortunate enough to work with him directly in implementing site audits, link building, universal search, and viral optimization campaigns. He’s an innovator and creator at heart. John brings these characteristics to life when incorporating creativity into the improvement of organic search rankings and web traffic. He’s also very fun to work with and contagiously positive. I won’t soon forget his role as a professional mentor and friend.”
— Rory Kaluza, Digital Producer & Brand Strategist

“When we first put up our website nothing happened in terms of visits to our site. We decided to get an SEO consultant to work on our website. After talking to several different SEO companies we decided to go with John Scevola. I don’t really know how John does it. In just 3 days we were listed on Google’s first page in position 6. Another four weeks went by and we were now on the top for all our search terms. We were joyous and astonished. Since then we move around in the top 5 every day. When we slide down, John Scevola seems to be able to make us move up again. All other companies we spoke with wanted at least one or two year contracts, paid up front. We pay on a month-to-month basis for superb results. He has never let us down. Our recommendation for the best SEO bang for your buck is John Scevola. John does excellent work, just like you would expect from a professional.”
— Frank Mesmer CTO of Sullmer & Associates Computer Consulting LLC

“I don’t know exactly what you do or how you do it, but I Googled myself (Relaxing Piano Music), and some of my songs, about twenty different ways today and it seems I almost always show up on the first page now. Often I see several or even every listing on the first page! And these are links not only to my MichaelJohHall.com website and YouTube songs, but also to many other sellers such as Amazon, iTunes, Trail of Painted Ponies, cdUniverse and others. Wow, John, you do good work!
— Michael John Hall, International Performer www.MichaelJohnHall.com