Who is John Scevola?

John Scevola SEO
John Scevola, President of Positive Web Marketing LLC

John Scevola is the founder and President of Positive Web Marketing LLC (PWM). PWM specializes in Web Presence Optimization (WPO = SEO 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) encompassing the optimization of “all” a company’s digital assets (“Thinking Outside The Website”).

For 13 years John Scevola has been an SEO 1.0 (Website Search) and SE0 2.0 (Universal Search) organic search industry leader. He now heralds in the new, disruptive, cutting-edge era of SEO 3.0 (Smart Search). SEO 3.0 includes the best industry practices of SEO 1.0 and SEO 2.0, but extends the scope of Web Presence Optimization (WPO) work to include The Internet of Things.

John Scevola has shown hundreds of companies how to quickly develop successful demand generation programs and maintain high-ranking brands and reputations. His diverse clients have included small to large organizations including a ½ billion-dollar telecommunications company. He has helped 2 authors become New York Times Best Sellers (Charles Richards, Ph. D., “The Psychology of Wealth” and Jay W. Richards, “Infiltrated”).

For three years, prior to starting his own SEO consultant company, he hired, trained, and managed an SEO team of 25 employees for one of the world’s largest digital marketing companies (350+ employees). He innovated, developed, and then simultaneously managed Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Sales, Strategy, Content Development, News/Press Release Syndication, Link Building, and Video Production departments.

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